Abundant Dynamics, Inc. (AD) has been busy building solutions from the ground floor up which first focus on architecture spanning the horizontal plane putting in place a development environment. Our goal is to move forward past the old technologies, mainframes, COBOL, etc. Rather than wrap old technology with new technology, AD has invested effort into starting over fresh and clean. We have begun with current day technologies and have leveraged that power going forward. The AD Administrative System has been designed to provide the ability to span various databases being rules and engine driven. This effort, while more intensive, assures the future of the software and will provide the scalability and longevity necessary to maintain a leading edge for years to come.

  • Processing engines that can share data across application components
  • Ability to adapt and change with minimal overhead and costs
  • Architecture promoting less need for high-end systems
  • Staff with more power provided to the user community
  • Compatibility to run on both Windows and Linux servers
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