Development Platform Overview

Abundant Dynamic's Development Platform provides the horizontal architecture in place for ANY AND ALL VERTICAL APPLICATIONS! This horizontal layer supports a number of sub-components that are easily made available to the targeted vertical application. Today our sub-components include: Security, Document Support, Messaging, Imaging, PBX Solutions, General Ledger, Workflow / Task Distribution, and all other sub-component requests from our clients. All requested components can be made adaptable to ANY AND ALL VERTICAL APPLICATIONS!

There is no "one" sub-component; all sub-components defined work together hand-in-hand, which gives the Development Platform the utmost scalability and flexibility necessary to serve any vertical market.

  • Table rules driven
  • Unique functions
  • Rapid screen development
  • Use of other web development tools to insert into application
    • (ie. Adobe Dreamweaver and Name Web Creator)
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