Our Philosophy

The old legacy systems (COBOL, mainframe, and mini-computer systems) of the past are falling behind. There has been a rush to give the look and feel of new technology on the outside (windows, browser, etc.), while maintaining the high cost ineffective technology on the inside.

When do we realize that the systems of the past were developed in a time where the vision didn't even see past Y2K? Remember the rush to bring these old legacy systems into the 21st century, and the fear that we would have application failures across the board? There was no way back in the 70's and 80's to truly understand today's technology and the future technology to be.

We are here to change that by developing scalable and easily modifiable systems in a way that can last the test of time; to have the ability to adapt tested business solutions to technologies of the future.

The power of our toolset, as it is being developed, provides an avenue to tap into the power of current databases and technology; such that are used by companies like Google and Yahoo as their backbone. These companies support massive volumes of data and formed a perfect scenario for us to use when we were deciding how to effectively address Abundant Dynamic's mission statement.

We do however have flexibility beyond those measures and technologies! We have decided to make a paradigm change. That change was forming Abundant Dynamics, Inc. and defining its mission!